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oyunlar1 always respects the content owners and try to get the permission from the owners (see Terms of Use). We are publishing the games passing our quality standards. We are fully authorized and free to decide to publish the games at any time. Of course the games which have been sponsored by us or co-branded with our logo have the priority. (see Game Sponsorship)

We are not refusing in game ads principally, developers need to earn money to be able to continue to make better games . However we dislike the games with a lot of links or big logos. We never accept a game which has link to an unfavorable website.

When submitting or suggesting a game, you are accepting that you are one of its owners or proprietary rights owner. Upon receiving notification in accordance with any related copyright organization or owner, will immediately disable and remove games in question.

Submit your games to info at oyunlar1 dot com

GAME DEVELOPMENT & SPONSORSHIP desires to become the sponsor to the game developers

We would like to offer good earning opportunities to the talented game developers with our Sponsorship Program.

Our Policy:

  • We are sponsoring only new flash games that have not been used at any web site.
  • When submitting or posting a game, you are accepting that you are its legal copyright holder and you are not infringing to the other’s intellectual properties.
  • We always prefer the exclusive sponsorship model that means all copy of the games has our links, and nobody (even the developer of the game) is allowed to change it unless our permission.
  • Our all games are free to publish by respectful websites which are publishing them in the original form, and keep them as they are.
  • The game should include our link and logo at a suitable allocation
  • Once we publish the game, the developer is free to post it to the other web sites in original form (includes our logo and link)

Typical Sponsorship Cycle:

  • The developer send some game samples or artworks have been done previously.
  • The developer may apply us with the final form of the game; we are willing to buy it if it is passing our quality standards.
  • If the developer does not have a new game idea, we may order a new game to his/her and then we agree about the price, payment type and due date of the game.
  • We are checking the each step, suggesting about same changes, testing the game, finding the bugs during this improvements.

Exclusive Game Developing:

  • In case the developer is not insisting to put his/her credit into the game, we may offer more money comparing to sponsorship model. The game will carry our logo only, and it will become our exclusive game.
  • This is another opportunity for game developers to make more money. In this case, the developer will not adduce any right related with the game.

Contact us from info at oyunlar1 dot com